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Conquer Fear, Panic, and Death – Mooji

"Say 'okay, come, and keep coming' .......IT'S YOUR WAY OUT OF THIS!" (Mooji) www.mooji.org

Never beginning to Live

"It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live."

Going in Circles

  There is a beautiful story, a great parable in the Upanishads: One of the great kings, Yayati, was dying. He was a hundred years old,...

Arousing the Wish to Work on Yourself

"One of the best means for arousing the wish to work on yourself is to realize that you may die at any moment. But...

Terrified of Dying

"Ego is a ghost who is terrified of dying."

Only Sayings of the Wise will Remain

"Many have died; you also will die. The drum of death is being beaten. The world has fallen in love with a dream. Only...

Jiddu Krishnamurthy on Death

QUESTION: In your talks you speak of death as total annihilation; also you have said that after death there is immortality, a state of...

Live your Life

"There is only one important point you must keep in your mind and let it be your guide. No matter what people call you,...

The Time will Come

"It is inappropriate to enjoy myself Thinking that today alone I shall not die, For inevitably the time will come When I shall become nothing."

God is Punctual Worker

"God is a very precise, punctual worker. There is a time to love and to die for everyone."

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