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Why We Breathe – A Yoga Documentary

Shot over the space of 6 months across the US, in a variety of situations and lucky encounters. Why We Breathe was born out...

Relaxation Music for Stress Relief and Healing Meditation

The Importance of Stress Management and Relaxation No matter what career path you have chosen, knowing the importance of stress management and relaxation is key....

Sahaja Kundalini 5 minute Guided Meditation

Experience true Kundalini Yoga Meditation Now. This unique Self-Realisation guided meditation, features clear Chakra actualisation postures, affirmations and superb flute music by Anand Murdeshwar,...
Yogis of Tibet

Yogis Of Tibet

Yogi is a person who, through years of isolation and self-transforming exercises, has developed extraordinary control over mind and body. The Tibetan yogis featured...

Osho Yoga Books

Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh Sun of Consciousness Yoga, The Alpha and the Omega - Vol 1 Yoga, The Alpha and the Omega - Vol 2 Yoga, The Alpha and...

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