Everything That People Do is Connected With ‘Sex’

May 17, 2013 | Gurdjieff

Everything That People Do is Connected With 'Sex'

“Sex plays a tremendous role in maintaining the mechanicalness of life. Everything that people do is connected with ‘sex’: politics, religion, art, the theater, music, is all ‘sex.’ Do you think people go to the theater or to church to pray or to see some new play? That is only for the sake of appearances. The principle thing, in theater as well as in church, is that there will be a lot of women or a lot of men. This is the center of gravity of all gatherings. What do you think brings people to cafés, to restaurants, to various fêtes? One thing only. SEX: it is the principle motive force of all mechanicalness. All sleep, all hypnosis, depends upon it.”