Category Shantideva

Just like a Dream

“Just like a dream experience, Whatever things I enjoy Will become a memory. Whatever has passed will not be seen again.”

When Dwelling among Harmful People

“Just as I would be attentive and careful of a wound When amidst a bustling uncontrolled crowd,  So I should always guard the wound of my mind  When dwelling among harmful people.”

Become Nothing

“My foes will become nothing. My friends will become nothing. I too will become nothing. Likewise all will become nothing.”

Comprehending the Secret of the Mind

“Even those who wish to find happiness and overcome misery  Will wander with no aim nor meaning  If they do not comprehend the secret of the mind —  The paramount significance of Dharma. “

I Seek Refuge

“I seek refuge in all Buddhas Until I possess the essence of Awakening, Likewise I seek refuge in Dharma And in the assembly of Bodhisattvas.”

I Bow Down

“I bow down to the body of him In whom the sacred precious mind is born. I seek refuge in that source of joy Who brings to happiness even those who harm him.”