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Tantra is Spiritual Sexology

"Tantra is basically spiritual sexology ... because man's mind is perverted throughout the world by religions teaching repression of sex. Tantra is the only...

Truth cannot be Transferred

"Truth cannot be transferred, truth cannot be handed over to you by somebody else, because it is not a commodity. It is not a...

Never lose Hope

"Never lose hope, my heart, miracles dwell in the invisible."

Man is Asleep

"Man is asleep. Man does not have real consciousness or will at all. Man is not free. For man, everything just happens. However, man...

Eat to Live

"Thou shouldst eat to live; not live to eat."

Blessed are the Meek

"Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth."


"If a person gives way to all their desires, or panders to them, there will be no inner struggle in them, no friction, no...

To Give Up Yourself

"To give up yourself without regret is the greatest charity."

All Things Change

"If you realize that all things change, there is nothing you will try to hold on to. If you are not afraid of dying,...

Change Direction

"If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading."